MAAS is a stock keeping distributor of connectivity, parts and systems.
As a distributor of connectors, cables and housings Maas focuses primarily on the AV, Events, ICT and Industrial market.
MAAS is the right partner for your quality connectivity products with its headquarters in Oosthuizen and suppliers around the world. Through the solution way of thinking, talking and acting, a workshop and a very extensive range of products, MAAS has almost everything for your connectivity issues.


1992: Formation on January 24, 1992 Maas & Sound Electronics
Core activities: wholesale and rental of professional sound and lighting equipment.
1996: Change of name to Maas Electro Systems
Disposal rental activities
Core business: importer / wholesaler of cables & connectors
1999: Start selling assembly products under its own brand name "Promes" (distribution cables and mounted)
2007: Moved to current location in Oosthuizen
2010: Certified Neutrik Fiber Optic Repair Centre
2013: Change of name to MAAS Connectivity Parts and Systems
Core business: distributor of connectivity components and systems