General Conditions:

- prices shown are exclusive of VAT and are per indicated unit
- postage paid, Netherlands and Belgium, for deliveries from euro 150, else euro 10 extra per order

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Prices of (pre-made) cables will be recalculated at the beginning of each month, due to strong fluctuations of material prices for cables etc. (also look here copper exchange rates)

Below you will find the most important changes:
September 2021
01-09-2021 Neutrik price increase
August 2021
01-08-2021 Kopp price increase
01-08-2021 PCE price increase
july 2021
01-06-2021 AVPRO Temporary Surcharge 10%
juni 2021
01-06-2021 Bals prijsverhoging 6%
01-06-2021 Kabel algemeen prijsverhoging
01-06-2021 Kaiser (producten met kabel) prijsverhoging
01-06-2021 Kalthoff prijsverhoging ca. 4.5%
01-06-2021 Keraf prijsverhoging
mei 2021
15-05-2021 Harting prijsverhoging 3.9%
15-05-2021 Kabel BPL18 +4% prijsverhoging 4%
15-05-2021 Lumberg prijsverhoging  
18-05-2021 Promes metaalwaren prijsverhoging ca. 6%
15-05-2021 Retex hercalculatie fabriek
15-05-2021 Techno prijsverhoging ca. 5%
april 2021
01-04-2021 Bals prijsverhoging
26-04-2021 Kabel BPL18 prijsverhoging
01-04-2021 Kaiser prijsverhoging
01-04-2021 Rennsteig prijsverhoging
februari 2021
01-02-2021 Draka multimedia prijsverhoging
01-02-2021 Leoni multimedia prijsverhoging
01-02-2021 Lumberg prijsverhoging  
januari 2021
01-01-2021 Keraf prijsverhoging
01-01-2021 PCE prijsverhoging  


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