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SCP HDMI 4K ULTRA-HD Premium Certfied Ultra Slim

SCP announces our new Ultra Slim Premium Certified HDMI Cables. These cables are compliant to the new standard: Premium High Speed HDMI® Cables with Ethernet meeting the 4K@60 4:4:4 2160p, Full 18Gbps performance.

SCP is the first manufacturer to bring to market an Ultra Slim HDMI cable that is Premium Certified. These cables are low profile designed but packed with performance. These cables have been tested and certified compliant to the new Premium Certified HDMI Cable standard.

SCP Exclusive Snug Tite™ Grip
HDMI cable connections become loose for a variety of reasons. These conditions can cause a HDMI cable connection to become loose, resulting in intermittent signal problems or system failure. For the professional integrator, this creates service calls, unhappy customers, and a general waste of time and money.

With SCP's Snug-Tite™ Grip, your HDMI cable remains securely connected. Other solutions such as screw locks and locking clips are bulky and take up valuable space when connecting cables to multi-port HDMI devices. SCP's Snug-Tite™ grip incorporates the latest patented grip technology that retains its 12 lbs of grip force even after many connects/disconnects.

Ideal for mobile applications and permanent installations alike, the SCP Snug-Tite™ Grip keeps your HDMI cable securely connected for maximum signal integrity.

Triple Shield Protection
The SCP 990UHD Premium Certified HDMI cables feature Triple Shielded Connectors and Triple Shielded cable. This shielding provides maximum EMI protection that has become a growing problem with the higher frequencies generated by 4K Ultra HD that affect wireless devices in home theaters, rack server rooms, and commercial AV installations. SCP Premium Certified Cables are highly recommended for ALL such installations.

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? HDMI kabel Ultra Slim Certified 0,5m 4K/UHD@60 18Gbps blisterBruto precio: € 20,71
Num. producto:SCP991005
Fabr. Info:SCP 991UHD-0.5M
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? HDMI kabel Ultra Slim Certified 1,0m 4K/UHD@60 18Gbps blisterBruto precio: € 21,78
Num. producto:SCP991010
Fabr. Info:SCP 991UHD-1M
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? HDMI kabel Ultra Slim Certified 2,0m 4K/UHD@60 18Gbps blisterBruto precio: € 24,11
Num. producto:SCP991020
Fabr. Info:SCP 991UHD-2M
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? HDMI kabel Ultra Slim Certified 2,5m 4K/UHD@60 18Gbps blisterBruto precio: € 27,39
Num. producto:SCP991025
Fabr. Info:SCP 991UHD-2.5M
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