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Bosscom Cable Covers

Click 'n Slide is a high quality product from BOSSCOM made of 100% aluminum for the management of cables and wires in places where you need to hide but have access to them at all times. For example under desks, shelves or wardrobes.

Extruded aluminum with designed protection click, what ensures an easy and clear cable protection.

Click 'n Slide is designed so cables can easily be placed and removed from the cable tray. The different aluminum covers that keep cables tidy and protected can slide from side to side so you can easily adapt the holder to the number of cables you need to keep tidy in the different situations. Click 'n Slide can be easily screwed under the table desk through the premade holes in the track.

Click 'n Slide is available in 0.75, 1.5 and 2.5 meters length and 33/50/80mm width, in three different colors: black, white or aluminum.

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? Click n Slide Aluminium Zwart 33mm 1,5mBruto precio: € 72,20
Num. producto:AB2169916
Fabr. Info:Bosscom 02169916
Min. Compra6 stuk(s) (2 meter)?
? Click n Slide Aluminium Zwart 50mm 1,5mBruto precio: € 90,71
Num. producto:AB2179916
Fabr. Info:Bosscom 02179916
Min. Compra6 stuk(s) (2 meter)?
? Click n Slide Aluminium Zwart 80mm 1,5mBruto precio: € 118,48
Num. producto:AB2189916
Fabr. Info:Bosscom 02189916
Min. Compra6 stuk(s) (2 meter)?
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