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SCP Category (Cat5 Cat6) Direct Burial cables are available in either UTP or Shielded F/UTP direct burial configurations.

SCP Category Direct Burial cables are constructed with a high quality Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) direct burial jacket that provides high impact protection and superior puncture resistance while retaining flexibility and strength even in harsh environments. This is a true "direct burial" cable unlike other "so-called" direct burial cables that use inferior PVC based jacketing.

Superior Performance to PVC Jacket Cables
- Highest Moisture Protection (Gel or Water Block Tape)
- Superior Puncture and Impact Resistance
- Retains Flexibility at Extreme Temperatures
- More resistant to UV light
- Resistant to Burrowing Animals
- Immune to Biological Decay
- Wider Chemical Resistance

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? datakabel CAT5E UTP 350MHz AWG24/1 PE zwartBruto precio: € 244,21
Num. producto:KSCC5E205
Fabr. Info:SCP CAT5E-DB
Min. Compra1 stuk(s) (305 meter)?
? datakabel CAT6 UTP 550MHz AWG23/1 PE zwart met GELBruto precio: € 372,72
Num. producto:KSCC60010
Fabr. Info:SCP CAT6-DB
Min. Compra1 stuk(s) (305 meter)?
? datakabel CAT6 FTP 550MHz AWG23/1 PE zwart met GELBruto precio: € 412,49
Num. producto:KSCC60700
Fabr. Info:SCP CAT6SH-DB
Min. Compra1 stuk(s) (305 meter)?
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