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SCP 940 series Ultra Slim Professional HDMI cables are the best cables for connecting today's thin displays, multi-port A/V devices, and any application where low profile HDMI cable connections are desired. Our Ultra Slim 940 cables have up to 50% smaller connector housings and thin cable diameters of 4.5mm or less. These cables are lightweight and ultra flexible.

For 2016, SCP has upgraded our industry popular Ultra Slim - 940 Series HDMI cables. These SCP HDMI cables have been tested to the latest HDMI cable performance protocols and are now guaranteed to comply with the TRUE 4K Ultra HD standard of 4K@60 4:4:4 (2160p), Full 18Gbps for all of our "passive" 940 series HDMI cables.

These cables are HDMI HIGH SPEED WITH ETHERNET compliant.

Features Supported Include: 4K@60 4:4:4, 2160p, 18Gbps, HDR, BT.2020, 32 Channel Audio, ARC, CEC, 3D, and are backward compatible to all current features pertinent to the HDMI specification.

NOTE: Expected 4th Quarter 2016, SCP will introduce the industry's FIRST "ACTIVE" HDMI cables that meet this TRUE 4K Ultra HD Standard of 4K@60 4:4:4 (2160p), Full 18Gbps. Presently all of our "Active" (unidirectional) HDMI cables support the HDMI standards 4Kx2K - 4K@30 4:4:4 / 4K@60 4:2:0 (1080p), 10.2Gbps. This pertains to our current part no. 940-15 which is 4.5m/15ft in length.
All SCP 940 series Ultra Slim HDMI cables are backward compatible with all previous HDMI versions.

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? HDMI kabel Ultra Slim 0,5m 4K/UHD@60 18GbpsBruto precio: € 11,45
Num. producto:SCP940016B
Fabr. Info:SCP 940-1.6B
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? HDMI kabel Ultra Slim 1,0m 4K/UHD@60 18GbpsBruto precio: € 12,66
Num. producto:SCP940030B
Fabr. Info:SCP 940-3B
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? HDMI kabel Ultra Slim 1,8m 4K/UHD@60 18GbpsBruto precio: € 13,99
Num. producto:SCP940060B
Fabr. Info:SCP 940-6B
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? HDMI kabel Ultra Slim 2,5m 4K/UHD@60 18GbpsBruto precio: € 16,91
Num. producto:SCP940080B
Fabr. Info:SCP 940-8B
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? HDMI kabel Ultra Slim 4,0m 4K/UHD@60 18GbpsBruto precio: € 26,65
Num. producto:SCP940130B
Fabr. Info:SCP 940-13B
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? HDMI kabel Ultra-Slim 4,5m 4K/UHD@60 18Gbps actiefBruto precio: € 54,79
Num. producto:SCP940160B
Fabr. Info:SCP 940-15B
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