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Neutrik etherCON: Ruggedized RJ45 Data Connector

etherCON provides solutions for data transfer in harsh and demanding applications. These connectors are especially applicable for Ethernet networking in audio, commercial, entertainment, live stage production, DMX lighting, industrial and outdoor internet access environments.

In basic there are 2 systems available:
etherCON with Latch-Lock system
Available for CAT5E to CAT6A situations and protection until IP65
etherCON with Push-Pull system
Available until CAT6 situations with an protection of IP65

? Latch-Lock CAT5 kabeldelen
? Latch-Lock CAT6A IP65 kabeldelen
? Latch-Lock CAT5 chassisdelen
? Latch-Lock CAT6A IP65 chassisdelen
? Latch-Lock chassisdelen PCB
? etherCON accessoires
? Push-Pull CAT6 IP65 componenten
? Push-Pull CAT6 IP65 kabels