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Theatrixx xVision ProConverters - HDMI over HDBaseT series

Theatrixx is proud to announce the first HDBaseT converters designed with rental andstaging in mind. Completely compatible with HDBaseT 1.0 devices, these new unitssupport HDCP-protected content transmission at up to 4K30 resolutions thanks to their HDMI 1.4 ports. HDBaseT connectivity is provided on a professional locking EtherCON connector, preventing accidental disconnection. An auxiliary 10/100 Mpbs Ethernet portis also included for remote LAN control of projectors, media servers, etc.

The units have been tested with a good-quality CAT6 STP cable and are capable of up to100 meters transmission with a 4K30 signal with no compression of latency.

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? xVision ProConverter HDMI1.4 to HDBaseT1.0 with powerCON TOPbruto prijs: € 956,19
fabr. info:xVision XVVHDMI2HDBTT1
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? xVision ProConverter HDBaseT1.0 to HDMI1.4 with powerCON TOPbruto prijs: € 956,19
fabr. info:xVision XVVHDBT2HDMIT1
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