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TEN47 LUGIT units

LUGIT is a safe and efficient means to make temporary connection / extensions of single core power cables that are pre-terminated with copper lug terminals.

Applications include:
- Military
- Traction
- Field Power distribution
- Emergency Power systems
- Temporary Generators Loadbanks

- Increase cable utilisation and decrease cable purchase
- Standardise on cable lengths held in stock
- Reduce cable transportation between sites
- No need for Plug and Socket connectors
- Provides greater flexibility than using multi-way junction boxes
- Accepts terminal lugs from 35 up to 300mm²
- IP67 when assembled
- Reusable and Field Installable
- Assembles in approx. 2 minutes
- No special tools required
- Locked to increase safety while under load
- Max current: 660Amp (depending on cable c.s.a. and application)
- Voltage to Earth: max 2kVac / 3kVdc

Voor meer informatie: datasheet

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? Lugit kabelverbinder 1x 35-120mm2 M12 d=15-25mmbruto prijs: € 80,30
fabr. info:Ten47 LUGIT 35/120
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? Lugit kabelverbinder 1x 95-300mm2 M12 d=20-37mmbruto prijs: € 108,00
fabr. info:Ten47 LUGIT 185/300
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? Lugit gekleurde band zwartbruto prijs: € 7,20
fabr. info:Ten47 LCB-BK
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? Lugit gekleurde band bruinbruto prijs: € 7,20
fabr. info:Ten47 LCB-BR
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? Lugit gekleurde band groenbruto prijs: € 7,20
fabr. info:Ten47 LCB-GN
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? Lugit gekleurde band blauwbruto prijs: € 7,20
fabr. info:Ten47 LCB-BU
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? Lugit gekleurde band grijsbruto prijs: € 7,20
fabr. info:Ten47 LCB-GY
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? Lugit release keybruto prijs: € 6,59
fabr. info:Ten47 REM-LK
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? Lugit reductie ring kabels 20..37mmbruto prijs: € 4,30
fabr. info:Ten47 LCR000001
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? Lugit sealing ring rubberbruto prijs: log in & vraag offerte
fabr. info:Ten47 YW21B354115
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